Suggested Shopping List for Hajj

Umrah and Hajj:

o Ihraam

o Money belt/bag to store mobile, money etc.

o Large safety Pins – to pin Ihraam if needed/for support (males only)

o Fragrance free toiletries for Hajj days only. (Simple or any fragrance free. Tip: Cheap at Home Bargains compared to general shops)

o Towel(s) – For the days of Hajj and Aziziyah

o Comfortable Footwear – in Ihraam and outside of Ihraam (please make sure these are comfortable as there is lots of walking to be done).

o Sleeping bag for Muzdalifah.

o Rucksack provided by Sunnah Tours – for use between Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah and general use.

o Hajj Reading (make sure you read up on the journey and what to expect).


o General Toiletries (Shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush, comb/brush, deodorant vasaline, simple wet wipes, razors, trimmer etc).


o Money (try and exchange some Saudi Riyals prior to travelling).


o ID card (provided by Sunnah Tours).


o Mobiles: Unblock your mobiles to use abroad and check before you leave.


o Bank Cards: Contact your bank to notify them, if you intend to use your bank card theirs.


o Sunglasses.


o Loose and light clothing (males: Thobes/salwar Kameez and Females: Jilbaabs/Abayas and head scarves/head gear etc).


o Travel plugs/chargers, power packs, two pin plug/converters etc.


o Sunnah Tours draw string bag. Can be used to store shoes, purse, food items, medication etc (provided by Sunnah Tours).


o Water Bottle – Preferably something that keeps water cool for a long period of time.


o Du’a Books (small guides will be provided to all at the Hajj seminar, courtesy of Sunnah Tours).


o Hajj Pack: This will contain luggage tags, paperwork such as Hajj and Umrah guides, guide for Dua’s etc provided by Sunnah Tours at the Hajj Seminar).


o Travel Neck Pillow (for those long journeys).

o Travel Socks.

o Nail cutter.

o Scissors (especially females for trimming the hair after Umrah and Hajj Tawaf). o Ear Plugs (keep that snoring out!).



o Imodium (or other diarrhoea medication).

o Antihistamine.

o Lucozade energy tablets.

o Medication – which has been prescribed by your GP. Please try and see your GP as soon as possible. (You will need 3-week supply).


o General Medication – paracetamols, allergy medication, insect bite creams, sun cream, etc). o Blister Plasters (especially for the feet, a MUST!

o Antibiotics (in case you get an infection can be purchased in Saudi).

o Wheelchair – this can be purchased in Saudi. (Approximate cost £50-£60)

o Sore throat and cough supplies (numbing lozenges and cough drops).

Electrolyte tablets, inhalers,



Lastly, A Suitcase full of Patience!


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