Does anyone accompany the group from the UK?
Yes, all our tour guides accompany the group from the UK. Most of them have performed Hajj several times.

Do you provide any religious guidance?
One of the strengths of our package is that we offer extensive guidance before and during the Hajj tour. A few weeks before departure we arrange a pre-Hajj seminar where guidance is given as well as practical advise for pilgrims. Participants also have an opportunity to ask questions during this exclusive one-day programme. We also hold regular lectures throughout the Hajj tour with scholars from Makkah and Madinah offering guidance and answering questions.

How do I book?
We require a completed booking form for each person – booking forms are available on request by calling 0845 051 9105 or you may download it from

When do I pay?
A non-refundable deposit of £1,000 per person is required at the time of booking.

I do not have a Brirish Passport – Will I get a Visa for Hajj?
Non British passport holders will be given a visa if they are on a work permit, student visa, a passport with indefinite leave to remain, or are in the UK to live with their spouse. Passports carrying only visit visas will not be granted a hajj visa.

Is the room occupancy level guaranteed?
Once we have accepted and confirmed your booking, the room occupancy level will be guaranteed during your stay in Makkah and Madinah hotels.

What happens if the date of Hajj changes due to moon sighting?
Our itinerary has been set according to the official Saudi calendar, however, if due to the actual sighting of the moon the day is adjusted, we have no control over this and we will have to adjust the programme accordingly. We cannot prepare for this eventuality in advance and will do our utmost to make alternative arrangements.

What is the last date for booking?
The last date for all booking changes from year to year. Please contact us to find out the last date for booking. Please note our capacity is limited and we may sell out before our deadline date  –  we therefore recommend that you book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

I am a lady – Can I travel without a Mahram?
A condition of Hajj is that all women must be accompanied by a close male relative (Mahram) – we are unable to accept any bookings from lone females.

Can I book a Haram facing room in Makkah or Madinah?
All our rooms are standard rooms, therefore we are unable to guarantee a Haram view room, however if we are given any Haram view rooms, these are allocated on a random basis to remain as fair as possible.

Are Hajj drafts included in the package price?
Yes, the Hajj drafts as required by the Saudi government are included.

How do I get my clothes washed?
There are many laundrettes situated near the Haramayn in Makkah & Madinah that will wash and press your clothes, usually within 24 hours. Please ask a member of the Sunnah Tours team or the hotel reception for the nearest one to the hotel. The 5 Star hotels provide this service for their guests but it is considerably more expensive.

How much money do I need to take with me?
You should take a minimum of a few hundreds pound with you. You will have to pay for the sacrifice (Qurbani) which costs around £80 and also for food.

How much does a meal cost?
An average meal costs around 25 riyals (approx. £4).

What is the exchange rate?
The exchange rate is usually around 6 riyals to the pound.

Should I take travellers cheques?
No, because you will not have your passport with you to cash them.

Where can I exchange my pounds into riyals?
There are many money exchanger offices around Makkah & Madinah, please ask one of the Sunnah Tours team for your nearest one. Five star hotels will also normally exchange money but at a lower rate.

What if I get ill?
We usually have a doctor that accompanies us from the UK who will be available for advice and to prescribe medicine Insha’Allah. Most medicines are available over the counter. If you need to go to hospital, you would be entitled to free medical treatment.

How are the men & women accommodated in Mina and Aziziyyah?
Men and women stay in separate tents in Mina and separate apartments in Aziziyyah. In Mina the men’s and women’s tents are adjacent to each other.

Will I be able to contact my wife in Mina and Aziziyyah?
Yes, but under no circumstances will men be allowed to enter the women’s tents in Mina or the women’s apartments in Aziziyyah.

What interpretation of Islam will be adopted?
Everything will be done according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him), Insha’Allah.

What happens to our suitcases during the Hajj days?
All the luggage will be kept at the Aziziyyah accommodation which will be accessible during the Hajj days.

What kind of clothing should I take?
The weather is generally quite warm, so take light clothes, however in the evenings it can get cold, especially in Madinah during the winter time so it would be a good idea to take a jumper with you.

How do I arrange to take Zam-Zam back to the UK?
We can arrange a container to be delivered to your hotel at a small charge if you wish.

How do I arrange my sacrifice (Qurbani)?
You are free to arrange your own sacrifice (Qurbani) should you wish, or alternatively we can arrange it for you Insha’Allah. It will cost approximately £80. You will be given the precise information regarding the sacrifice (Qurbani) once in Makkah.

Are you registered with ATOL?
The air holiday packages and flights shown are ATOL Protected by the Civil Aviation Authority, as we SunnahTours Ltd Agents act as agent for licensed tour operator Zam Zam Travel Ltd ATOL NO 9798 IATA NO 91-281304.


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