Sunnah Tours Exclusive Hajj & Umrah Guide App

Let us help you to enjoy the journey of a lifetime, the fulfilment of an obligation, the fifth pillar of Islam.

Our ultimate Hajj and Umrah guide will be with you every step of your pilgrimage. You will be fully prepared, prior to travel, through your Meeqat, and all the rituals of Hajj/Umrah through to the farewell Tawaf. Our guide has been created in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah by a very experienced and knowledgeable team who have lead Hajj and Umrah groups over many years.

Our practical, handy guidance and features will help keep you safe and you will always know where you are and how to find your Hotel, your tent in Mina, the key ritual sites.

The App also has Qiblah finder, Islamic calendar conversions and daily prayer times.

Key features of our guide:
• Hajj preparation with tips and checklist
• Live Map of all the Meeqat
• Step by step instruction for assuming Ihram
• Live Hajj Map allows you to mark your hotel and your Tent in the Tented Village and easily find your way back to them. It shows all key Hajj ritual sites
• Step by step guide for the rituals of Hajj and Umrah with instructions and suplications
• Over 60 Hajj & Umrah Fatwas (Rulings) to help guide your pilgrimage
• Detailed Hajj Ministry guidance covering all aspects of your time in Sadi Arabia
• Qiblah finder for any location in the world
• Calendar conversion from Islamic to Gregorian and back
• Daily prayer times calculator for any location in the world

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